Get paid to study engineering in Tamil Nadu

Engineering colleges are now offering students and faculty a referral fee to get intelligent students enrolled

Get paid to study engineering in Tamil Nadu
By Pick-a-College updated on 28-Jun-2014            

Gone are the days when eager engineering aspirants surreptitiously approached colleges to pay capitation fee to book seats. Now the colleges are offering to pay faculty and students thousands of rupees to get students of their choice.

With thousands of management seats going vacant in engineering colleges in the state, institutions know that students with good marks can get their pick of courses. This has prompted leading colleges in and around the city to take proactive steps to woo the best students to their institution. In addition to advertisements and scholarships, they now turn to their faculty and students to spread the word, and are willing to reward their efforts.

 "The management has said that it will pay us Rs 15,000 for a student with a cut-off of 185/200 or higher. For referring a student with a cut-off between 160 and 185 we get Rs10,000. It is offered as an incentive. It is a win-win situation, as the student with such high marks can also get scholarships and tuition fee waivers from the college," said a faculty member of an engineering college in the city.

Existing students have also been made the offer. Students in their second, third and final years can get Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 waived off their tuition fee for the next academic year. "This is an admission tactic. Even if they offer a full tuition fee waiver, colleges stand to benefit from filling seats rather than let them go empty. They make do with hidden charges like transportation fee or books," said an admission officer for a group of engineering colleges in Erode. When they get good students, the reputation of the college improves, and they are able to attract companies for campus placements, he added.

"Interest in engineering has visibly reduced. Many look at the state of older siblings or neighbours and friends who have done engineering in the last couple of years and find them unemployed. So, even colleges in Coimbatore and Chennai have to resort to this," said educational consultant D Nedunchezhiyan of Technocrat .

Colleges engage in such practices to get a high academic ranking, which is now looked at as an indicator of a good college. "College managements expect faculty members to do these kinds of jobs. I was asked to approach schools, speak to the school principal about the merits of the college and ask her to give my contact number to students who score high marks," said a teacher in a private engineering college near Chennai.

Source and Credit: TOI

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Other options available for students who have not scored well in IIT-JEE

In today’s dynamic and ever-evolving professional environment, getting a degree from IIT is not the only way to become successful

Other options available for students who have not scored well in IIT-JEE
By Mohan Prasad-IIT-JEE Expert updated on 28-Jun-2014

In India, the traditional dream that all parents have is that one day their child will pass out of the haloed grounds of one of the IITs. Often, this dream is ingrained in the child’s psyche from the very day they begin school. However, times are changing and there isn’t any singular, set path that guarantees success. The fortunate by-product of the altering business landscape is that IIT-JEE is no longer the end of the world and there are several other ways to scale the heights of success in India and abroad.

In my personal experience, I have seen several highly successful professionals and entrepreneurs who never went to an IIT and are today better off than many IITians. My point is that IITs still hold an immense amount of value for one’s career. The IIT brand on one’s CV takes one places very easily but one can get to that same place in many other ways in today’s dynamic and ever-evolving professional environment.          

The most obvious choice when you haven’t made the cut for an IIT is to go in for the second-best engineering colleges in the country. There are a host of colleges that either have other entrance exams or accept JEE scores but have lower cut-off marks than the IITs. Many reputed centrally-funded technology institutes and deemed universities come under this bracket and are very adept at imparting a sound technology education. You can later back this training with an MBA from a good institution in India or abroad and enjoy similar pay-scales as any IIT pass-out.

Often, students aren’t willing to pursue a B.Tech degree if it is not from an IIT, which is quite reasonable. In such a scenario too there are several career options that can be picked which hold the promise of great future prospects. The most popular choice amongst Science students these days is to study Economics, Statistics or Maths. The course material in these areas of study requires similar skill sets as Engineering. They also open doors to careers as lucrative as Operational Research, Management, Marketing Research, Actuarial Sciences or Banking. Data statisticians are much sought after today by businesses and governments alike. There is a great need for professionals who can analyse and make sense of the huge reams of data and make them usable.

Studying for the civil services examinations is another good choice for Science students. Along with proficiency in your chosen subject of study, cracking these exams require a thorough knowledge of current affairs and the History and Geography of the nation. Joining the civil services also brings the added joy of getting a chance to serve the country and make a difference. With the right mix of industrious preparation and confidence in one’s communication and verbal skills, these exams offer the same kind or perhaps greater traditional prestige that an IIT gives.

Lastly, I would like to discuss the subject of entrepreneurship. Being an entrepreneur today is the most challenging and rewarding experience. We live in a world where time-tested proofs of aptitude and skills are being replaced by something more dynamic and inexplicable. If you think there is a subject that really interests you and you could make a career out of that then it makes sense to pursue that with complete passion from a very young age. For instance, if you feel that your interest lies in a field like brand management then don’t be afraid to pursue courses in communication and reputation management and substitute these by staying abreast with the top international trends in this field. After receiving the necessary education you can do wonders in such creative fields with the right mix of attitude, intelligence, hard-work and agility.        

I would like to conclude by putting across a simple message to students who haven’t been able to make the cut at any of the IITs. It is certainly not the end of the world. At the expense of sounding clichéd, I firmly believe that if the IIT doors are shut for you, there are several other windows of marvelous and exciting opportunities that await you. Instead of brooding over not making it into the IITs, explore these avenues with energy, alacrity and knowledge and you are sure to make a success out of whatever you do!    

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