5 ways to make life easy at college

Need a hassle free four-year stay in college? Make sure to find these when you reach there.

5 ways to make life easy at college
By Anam Naqvi updated on 08-Sep-2014            

Write board exams? Check. Sit for college entrance exams? Check. Get admission? Check. Reach campus on day one of new term? Check. What next?

Get acquainted with the campus, your new home away from home. In particular, locate these facilities and adopt these tips to make your life easy and enjoyable. 
1. Photocopy shop: You will find yourself making numerous trips to the photocopy, printing and binding shop every now and then. There’s bound to be one on the campus offering discounted rates. To be on the safe side, locate a couple of shops outside the campus as well. Ask your seniors which offers a good deal and which works late into the night for an emergency situation. Introduce yourself to the shop owner.

2. Book bank: Visit the book bank. A book bank is like a library but with more lenient rules. Most libraries allow students to issue books for a week or two, but a book bank lets students keep two books per semester. Discovering it sooner can ensure you access to the most expensive books. Another way to save on books is the old and trusted method of borrowing or buying seconds from seniors.

3. Academic notes: Keep yourself in your professors’ good books for tips on notes. Healthy interactions with seniors and previous years’ toppers can also help you in this area.
Online portals for college notes exist but the authenticity and quality of free content is debatable.

4. Cheap eateries: Hostel food has the reputation of being barely edible. You are sure to need a change from that grub fairly often. So, identify cheap eateries near the campus, serving edible food. To save your stomach some pain, ask your seniors for recommendations. These places will also come in handy when you have to treat your friends on a tight pocket.

5. Hobby club: Developing a hobby or honing a talent can make college life less stressful. Club activities and sports make for a balanced student life and help you grow. Solely focusing on academics is a strict no-no.










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IIT-Kharagpur tops EDU-RAND engineering college rankings 2014

IIT Kharagpur is at the top of the list followed by IIT Delhi

IIT-Kharagpur tops EDU-RAND engineering college rankings 2014
By Pick a College updated on 23-Jul-2014

IIT-Kharagpur (IIT-KGP) has emerged as the top engineering college in the EDU-RAND Rankings 2014.  IIT-Delhi has been placed second followed by IIT-Kanpur, IIT-Madras and IIT- Bombay at third, fourth and fifth places.

EDU and the US based RAND Corporation, have come together to create this India specific rankings. While EDU is a community platform for academics, administrators and business leaders in Indian higher education, RAND Corporation is a not-for-profit global research house known for its extensive work in education.

A team of scientists with RAND developed the methodology for the Rankings. They judged the colleges on faculty qualifications, research productivity and programme accreditation and scored each parameter on the scale of zero to ten. The scores on these three were then combined to produce the overall rankings. These scores were related to student academic performance obtained through an independent source. Additional data on fill rate and employability of students was also collected from institutes wherever it was available.

IIT-KGP was at par with the IITs in Delhi, Kanpur, Madras, Bombay and Roorkee, on other parameters, but its fill rate score was 9, which was the highest in the data available. This helped it become the top-ranked technical institute in the country.

Prof. Biswajit Mahanty, Dean, Planning and Coordination and Professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering had this to say, “We are happy that IIT-KGP is ranked as the top engineering college in India by EDU -RAND Rankings 2014-15 which follows an objective ranking method that is less dependent on individual perceptions.”

“The Institute has not only been excelling in academics but also in research and inter-disciplinary courses. We hope that EDU-RAND will grow further and get world-wide recognition,” he adds.

Rafiq Dossani, Senior Economist, RAND Corporation said, “RAND is known for its work on benchmarking and our purpose with this project was to develop a system that would eventually help in improving the quality of Indian higher education. We tied up with EDU, because of the highly credible work it has done in this sector.”

Talking further about the project he added, “What we are really excited about is the special online college search tool we have launched at Pick-a-College.com as a part of this project.” 

This tool enables users to search a comprehensive database of over 1000 educational providers. In this way, a student seeking to understand which college suits his or her educational capacities and career goals will be able to compare colleges and universities on customized attributes such as fields of study, faculty quality, location, and other criteria.  

While India is host to more than 3,000 engineering colleges including (private and public institutions), EDU and RAND have limited this year’s rankings to 850 colleges that were established before and in 2009.

Click here to view the complete list of ranking.

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